Our formulation consists of 100% plant-derived ingredients with no added water, combining the essence of pure rice fermentation with the beneficial properties of nameko mushrooms. This undiluted formulation captures the raw essence of the ingredients, preserving the benefits for your skin.

why fermented rice liquid

why rice fermentation liquid

We choose rice fermentation extract for its wealth of beneficial components. These include amino acids and kojic acid. Amino acids are essential for skin and hair health and are effective for anti-aging care. Kojic acid, which was discovered and developed in Japan, is known for its effectiveness in reducing uneven pigmentation, such as dark spots and freckles, helping to achieve bright and beautiful skin.

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skincare serum

"Discover the Exquisite Artistry of fermented rice skincare"

SHONAI BIJIN-Rice Fermented Extract contains natural fermented ingredients that are associated with beautiful skin
Rough skin PoresWrinkles and sagging Drying Dullness and stiffness Antiaging Blots

product name
Multi-action KIWAMI fermented lotion moisture mist
Internal capacity
bottle 140ml
pouch 140ml
mist spray 20ml
all the same inside



• Deeply replenishes and maintains the skin’s moisture and oil balance
• Provides a protective barrier for the skin
• Delivers instant and long-lasting hydration
• Targets signs of ageing and promotes youthful-looking skin
• Enhances skin firmness and elasticity
• Appropriate for the skincare needs of all ages and skin types.


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