The Essence of KORAI

KORAI『古来』KORAI, meaning Ancient Blessings in Japan, is an extraordinary skin toner crafted from fermented rice filtrate. This ancient-inspired formula is designed to infuse your skin with its time-honored benefits, promoting a radiant and bright complexion.

Toji and Kurabito Brew with Tradition

A quiet time to rest from hustle and bustle.
Mellow ingredients and the blessings of nature.
The toji is a traditional sake brewer in Japan, playing a vital role in crafting Japanese sake.
Based on our great traditional method, we put our soul into it.

Develop a Tradition, Inspire the new

Brewed using traditional methods
Made with inspiration from sake brewing
Create the new by using traditional technique

Blessing of rice

Our rice
we meticulously choose and blend Miyama Nishiki and Haenuki rice varieties. These are cultivated in the exquisite Shonai Plain region. Through our distinctive rice processing methods, we unlock the inherent qualities of this ingredient, revealing its natural essence.

Our yeast and koji
learning from traditional methods, we thoughtfully select yeast and koji to work in harmony with the unique characteristics of our rice. To maximise the potency of the yeast and achieve a healthy fermentation, we employ more than three times the amount commonly used.

with gratitude

We use the famous, pristine water
from Mount Gassan and Mount
Asahi that represent the Shonai
Plain. The water features less impurities and low hardness, enabling
mild fermentation and clean brewing with a less unfavorable taste.

carry on the tradition