the origin of Korai

In Japan, Korai means ‘Ancient Blessings’. These include the natural blessings of rice, water and nameko mushrooms; wisdom such as fermentation and sake; and traditional values such as minimising waste. To promote a natural and ethical lifestyle, we have meticulously crafted products that nourish and moisturise your skin, hair and body with each single drop.

Thanks to our experience gained in the cosmetic industry, and by working with small-scale artisans, we can focus on selecting high quality ingredients. The resulting products offer time-saving, versatile care for the face, body and hair.

The Bounty of Rice Plant: Fermented ingredients help address skin problems in a multifaceted manner

Japanese sake includes fermented products and nutrients such as amino acids, sugar, organic acids, minerals, and vitamins; thioredoxin, which is a vital anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing substance; ethyl-α-D-glucoside (α-EG), which increases density of dermal collagen; and natural D-amino acids, which are expected to have an anti-aging effect. In addition, specific functional peptides in Japanese sake have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects. Handed down in Japan for over 2,000 years, this fermentation technique is evolving for a cosmetic raw material that addresses skin problems in a multifaceted manner by merging with modern scientific technology

Carry on the Tradition

SHONAI BIJIN-Rice Fermented Extract created using a Japanese traditional technique
ーThe secret origin of Jun-nama ー
Sake is the Kokushu (national liquor) of Japan. It is integral to Japanese identity, symbolizing the climate of the country, and patience, scrupulous care, and delicacy of the people. Known as “the best of all medicines,” it includes over 700 ingredients produced through unique Japanese fermentation technique that uses natural microorganisms ingeniously. Master sake brewers blend rice, koji, yeast, and water with this technique to produce a fermented extract. SHONAI BIJIN-Rice Fermented Extract has been developed from the fermentation technique for Kimoto Junmai-shu SHONAI BIJIN.

With a Gratitude

It is the highest class ingredient of sake.
Each one of them is so big.
We take the time and effort to make
the best sake from the rice that is so rich in flavor.
We hope you will enjoy the richness of the
ingredients and the blessings of nature.

Brewed With Traditional Way

Watarai Honten introduced the traditional technique called motosuri (or yamaoroshi) that involves mixing and mashing koji and
steamed rice. In general, Japanese sake brewing does not employ that process. However, raw materials are carefully mashed to accelerate the fermentation that can be only materialized by kimoto, despite time and care.

A Brewing Is Reborn : Production is only based on the raw material made in Shonai

SHONAI BIJIN-Rice Fermented Extract is made using the strictly selected raw materials produced in the Shonai plain, which is one of the leading rice producing areas in Japan.

Watarai Honten is located in Tsuruoka, Yamagata. The city was certified as the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2014, as attention was drawn to shojin ryori (Japanese codified Buddhist cuisine) and native crops. Tsuruoka contributes to the protection of cultural diversity and global sustainable development by transmitting the culture to the world that increases awareness of the innate richness of Japanese food and its origin. SHONAI BIJIN-Rice Fermented Extract represents the culture and thinking of the locality.