How to Use

How to use and key points of the mist-type moisture serum “Multi-Action KIWAMI fermented lotion moisture mist.”

Let’s focus on the usage and key points of mist foundation and effectively utilize it in various scenes.

  1. Time-saving skincare: For busy mornings or during work breaks, simply spray and lightly mist your skin. You can achieve thorough skincare in a short amount of time.
  2. Use as a “bridge” in your skincare routine: Use mist toner as a “bridge” on dry skin after bathing or cleansing. It enhances the effectiveness of your skincare routine and also helps create a base before applying makeup.
  3. For makeup touch-ups: Spray the mist from a slight distance away from your face and lightly wipe away any smudged areas of foundation. Afterward, simply reapply foundation or powder to refresh your makeup.
  4. Use as a finishing touch for makeup: Spraying mist toner evenly over your makeup at the end creates a moisturizing film on the surface of your skin. It enhances the fit of your makeup and helps prevent it from becoming compromised due to dryness.
  5. Use for cooling down after sun exposure or exercise: After leisure activities or intense workouts, cool down with mist toner. It gently reaches your heated skin, bringing it to a comfortable state.
  6. Also useful for fixing bed hair: Mist toner is not only for your face and skin but also beneficial for fixing bed hair. Just a quick spray and you can lightly care for your hair, leaving it refreshed.

Let’s maximize the effectiveness of mist toner by utilizing these usage tips. It is a versatile item that can be handy in various situations, so please give it a try. By incorporating innovative approaches to using mist toner, you can enhance the quality of your skincare routine and support the beauty of your makeup and the health of your skin. Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine and enjoy it as a treat for yourself.